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An Open Access journal, biannual issues/ year (MARCH, SEPTEMBER). The first to be published by Faculty of Nursing affiliated to Modern University for Technology & information, as a private university in Egypt. Other health-related faculties within the university are invited to share by articles & researches within their discipline (Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental & oral as well as Physical therapy). 

The journal magnifies the value of health team members' -of different discipline- understanding and mutual cooperation in education, training & research for better health care provision & development according to community needs throughout the Health continuum.

Editorial board' members are senior academic professors of different specialties of nursing sciences affiliated to MTI university. Our Head of the board is a reviewer in the WHO journal & former nursing consultant, the Egyptian Ministry of Health  Two of our editorial board members are prize winners for their scientific achievements granted from Ain Shams University.

Reviewers Board includes deans & academic professors representing nationally accredited governmental & private faculties of nursing as well as the previously mentioned MTI health-related Faculties.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1 - Serial Number 15, March 2024, Pages 1-199 

Effect of Using anatomical Snuffbox Technique in Arterial Blood Sampling on Patients’ Clinical Outcomes

Pages 48-63

Yasser Mahmoud Ibrahem Shalaby; Doaa Amin Ahmed Sayed Ahmed; Azza Ibrahim Abdelkader Habiba

Clinical Outcomes and Satisfaction Level among Patients Undergoing Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization

Pages 102-118

Yasser Mahmoud Ibrahem Shalaby; Doaa Abdelnaby Abdelwahab Abdelfatah; Ayman Ibrahem Omran; Azza Ibrahim Abdelkader Habiba

Effect of Self-management Guidelines on Health Practices of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 159-177

Heba Abd El Gawad Elfeky; Amany Abd El-Fatah Omran; Eman Mohamed Farag

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Modern University for Technology & Information, Faculty of Nursing

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